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Chapter Councilors and Section Leaders

 Section Leaders   

o   Academic Cardiology Section

o   Adult Congenital and Pediatric Cardiology Section - Ari Cedars

o   Cardio-Oncology Section

o   Cardiovascular Training Section  - Dr. Greg Gerasimmon 

o   Cardiovascular Management Section  - Dr. Matt Phillips

o   Cardiovascular Team Section – Dr. George Rodgers

o   Early Career Section  - Dr. Evan Hardegree

o   Electrophysiology Section

o   Federal Cardiology Section 

o   Fellows in Training Section 

o   Geriatric Cardiology Section – Dr. John Mulrow

o   Heart Failure and Transplant Section – Dr. Shelley Hall 

o   Imaging Section  - Dr. Dipan Shah

o   International Center – Dr. Jeffrey Michel 

o   Interventional Section – Dr. Timothy Mixon

o   Peripheral Vascular Disease Section – Dr. Steven Gigliotti 

o   Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Section - Dr. William Campbell 

o   Sports and Exercise Cardiology Section – Dr. Silvana Molossi 

o   Surgeons’ Section

o   Women in Cardiology Section – Dr. Zehra Jaffrey 

Chapter Councilors

District 1
Dr. Thaddeus R. Tolleson, Tyler

District 2
Dr. Michael Sills, Dallas

District 3
Dr. Robert Carney, Tyler

District 4
Dr. Michael Smith, Port Arthur

District 5
Dr. Brent Glamann, College Station

District 6
Dr. Chris LaVergne, Houston

District 7
Dr. Shahin Tavackoli, Houston

District 8
Dr. Hafiza Khan, Plano

District 9
Dr. Roberto Wayhs, Dallas

District 10
Dr. Denzil D'Souza, Fort Worth

District 11
Dr. Rajeer Grover, Houston
District 12
Dr. John Willard, Fort Worth

District 13
Dr. James Willerson, Houston

District 14
Dr. Stanley Wang, Austin

District 15
Dr. George Basu, Houston

District 16
Dr. John R. Bret, Dallas

District 17
Dr. Charles Mullins, Houston

District 18
Dr. Dakshesh Parikh, Victoria

District 19
Dr. John Mulrow, San Antonio

District 20
Dr. Rafael Coutin, Corpus Christi

District 21
Dr. Ricky Cigarroa, Laredo

District 22
Dr. Shyla High, Dallas

District 23
Dr. James Choi, Dallas

District 24
Dr. Alan Anderson, Temple

District 25
Dr. R. Allen Baum, San Antonio

District 26
Dr. Robert Saad, San Antonio

District 27
Dr. Eduardo Flores, Brownsville

District 28
Dr. Jason Wischmeyer, Lubbock

District 29
Dr. Juan Escobar, El Paso

District 30
Dr. Michael Isaac, Sherman

District 31
Dr. Raja Naidu, Midland


Senate District Map

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